Issue 150!

This newsletter has shared nearly 1500 links over the years which means I've read through, watched, and listened to an absolute horde of Design Systems stuff.

I hope that the time I spend curating the newsletter at least gives you one or two fresh links, ideas, talking points about Design Systems every issue. There have been gaps in the publication, life gets in the way, but I've tried to be consistent. The idea is: as soon as I've 9/10 links ready to go the newsletter gets published. This way, I hope, I don't fill the space just for the sake of regularity.

What's changed in the last 6 and a half years? I think we've gone from the time of "What's the difference between Styleguides, Pattern Libraries and Design Languages?" to more nuanced and 'drilled down' thoughts and ideas.

Design Tokens, I think, will forever be 'hot right now'.

Until the next time, much love.

Stu πŸ™πŸ–€

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