It's nearly time for Clarity 2022

It's no lie, I am really excited about this years Clarity event. I may not be travelling to watch in person but I'll be tuning in from various parts of the South Of England.

Have you got your ticket yet?. Are you watching in in person? Are you streaming it with your team or at the home office? I really love it being a 'hybrid' conference after the last couple of years being able to be at a conference but safe at home, I fell, has been good - and I hope many more conferences take up the idea of participating remotely.

Anyhow, I've rambled on for long enough - this has probably taken up a whole iPhones screen and you've not even got to the links.

So, the links … rather than the usual, independently curated list of 10 links from the (sometimes) hundreds of articles, videos, slides, links I go through this week is pure Clarity. I've gone through the archives and trawled the internet to find a link for each speaker, be it a video from a previous talk, my favourite article of theirs, or a project they work on.

I hope y'all enjoy going through these - and I hope y'all make sure you've got your ticket for Clarity 2022. There's also some in-person and remote workshops going on so be sure to check them out too!

Until the next time, much love.

Stu 🙏🖤